Name:  Gregory Haze
Height:  6'2"
Weight: 310 lbs
Hometown:  Sandersville, GA
Titles Held: n/a
Trademark Maneuver(s):  Haze Daze (Million Dollar Dream)
Bio: Gregory Haze, nephew of Ace Heffner,entered SCW and quickly learned that his uncle stood for everything Greg was against.  He publicly dropped the name Heffner in front of a packed house after defeating Ace's top charge, Loco Motive.  Gregory Haze is in SCW to do things the right way - no cheating or shortcuts,  just pure wrestling. With DeMarco Knight's guidence, his love for the business, and his love for the fans there is only one way for him to go - straight to the top!!! AND THATS RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS TO BE!!!!!!!!

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