January 31st
Washington County Rec. Dept.

Bell Time 7:30

Southern Classic Wrestling returns to Sandersville Ga  January 31 for A night of Family Entertainment

Main Event

Leather Face Vs. DeMarco Knight

Leather Face has been S.C.W. Champion since May of 2008 and ever since he has been unstopable. He will be facing S.C.W. fan favorite. DeMarco Knight made a name for himself in the state of Georgia and the Carolinas in 2008 and 2009 he has has his eyes set on the Gold

In S.C.W.


Laparka Jr. Vs. Pysc


A.S.P.W. Championship Match

Ace Hefner Vs. Brandon Kage

Bradon Kage had a very impressive Rookie year

In 2008 and now he has a chance to

become a champion in 2009. But Hefner always has an Ace up his sleeve


Tag Team Match

The Young Guns Vs. The Anderson's


Dog Collar Match

Jody The Black heart Vs. Bad Boy Jimmy Ganns


Greg Haze Vs. BigT