SCW: Payback
May 31, 2008

SCW Heavyweight Championship
Leatherface VS Terry Lawler
With his Heavyweight Title as well as unprecidented undefeated streak on the line, Leatherface was primed for action - can't say the same for Terry Lawler, who didn't seem too keen on getting in the ring with the madman.  Once things got under way, it was a heated battle - Leatherface looked to be ready to take him down, but out of nowhere Lawler blasted him with a pair of knucks behind the referee's back.  Before he could capitalize and take the win, Adam Stanton made another appearance as he blasted Lawler from behind with the Georgia Heritage Title - costing Leatherface the match via DQ and ending the monster's streak.  However, the title does not change hands via DQ, so although his streak is over, Leatherface is still the champion.

Georgia Heritage Championship
Ronnie Rage  VS  Adam Stanton
A last second change, Adam Stanton demanded a rematch with Ronnie Rage, as Jamie Holmes was unable to attend due to his doctor's reluctance to release him from observation.  Tiny was pressured to allow the rematch by both Stanton and Rage, and the match was permitted.  A back and forth battle saw the resilliance of Rage shine through, despite Stanton's brutal onslaught- pounding and wrenching at Rage's left knee.  It seemed Rage had it all locked up, but Stanton was able to cripple the knee and lock in the figure four to pick up the win and become the new Georgia Heritage Champion.

The Cult of Chaos VS The Foreign Legion
In a match that engaged the crowd and got them really going, the Foreign Legion members Brad North and Phoenix showed that not only are they an entertaining addition to SCW, but they're a danger to any other team that gets in thier way.  In a fairly balanced contest, we saw several high flying spots from Phoenix and Kell Carnage and the brute power of Monster and North held each other at bay.  In the end, North picked up the win with a spinning neckbreaker on Kell Carnage and put the Cult's reign of tag team terror on ice.

Stricnine  VS  Brandon Kage
Two fresh additions to Southern Classic Wrestling, both anxious to make thier name and prove themselves.  This match saw true technical talent and skill move for move, as the fresh rookie Brandon Kage battled with all his heart.  Unfortunately for him, Stricnine is not only more experienced, but much more viscious as he picked up the win in short order via pinfall.

Mortachai VS  FlatLine (w/ Greg Haze)
FlatLine decimated his opponent this month, and made his point well known as he used Mortachai as a training tool for his partner Greg Haze.  After the match, however, he clarified that while he's still here for the fans, he's done with gimmicks and wasting time.  His name is DeMarco Knight, and that's all he needs to be.

Midnight Rider VS Greg Haze
The debuting Midnight Rider took on SCW mainstay and hometown hero Greg Haze in the show's opening bout.  Two big men with lots of power, these two would stop at nothing to put the other down for the count - however the Rider took a shortcut and delivered a heavy right hand with some knucks to pick up the 1-2-3 in just over 3 minutes.