March 22, 2008
Note: Some matches have video linked - look for underlined red titles.

 Iron Bear d. Juan Tequila
Iron Bear made an impressive debut against SCW staple Juan Tequila.  Tequila made very little headway as far as offense goes, and Iron Bear made short work of his opponent.  A chokeslam and F5 later, Bear was declared the winner.

Brad North d. Shimazu the Devil
The returning Brad North quickly took care of business against the newcomer Shimazu.  This masked martial artist from the far east held his own quite well against the more seasoned North, but it simply wasn't enough to get the win.  North picked up the victory just over the six minute mark.

Matt Mercer d. Greg Haze
A clear cut voctory went to Mercer as he took the hometown hero to school.  Haze showed his inexperience in this one, and Mercer was quickl to capitalize, gaining the victory in 7:12.

Flatline d. Tommy Lee
In a match to determine a replacement for Bigbank Barfield in the main event, former SCW Heavyweight Champion Tommy Lee squared off against former Georgia Heritage Champion Flatline.  In an even matchup, Flatline emerged the victor to earn a shot against Leatherface to determine the NEW SCCW CHAMPION!

Javier Santana d. Mike Margera
Margera returns to SCW after a month off, and comes face to face with newcomer Javier Santana.  These two loud personalities put on a great show, but in the end Javier used the ref as a buffer between him and a splash from Margera, leaving Javier open to steal the win.

Tiny Hughes d. Loco Motive
Loco returned earlier in the night to explain that he wasn't finished with Tiny just yet.  There was a streetfight signed, and a streetfight would be had.  Therefore, they went at it tooth and nail.  There were kendo sticks, cake pans, chains, and even a pair of knucks made from barbed wire!  A bloody Loco finally was put down for the count courtesy of none other than his own teammate - TOMMY LEE!  After making the pin, Tiny clarified that 'blood is thicker than water' and introduced SCW to his cousin, Tommy Lee HUGHES! 

Subsequently, Tiny also announced that his first act as SCW Commissioner was to clean house - meaning Loco and Ace were NO LONGER welcome in SCW, and were fired on the spot!

Cult of Chaos d. The Stanton Clan
In a well balanced contest, these two teams squared off for future Tag Team Title consideration.  The brute power of Monster Marc Mayhem and the unmatched speed of his parter Kell Karnage proved to be enough to overcome the technical prowess of the younger Eric Stanton - as well as push his older brother to the breaking point!  In a shocking turn of events, Adam came in and cleared out Karnage and Mayhem as they double teamed Eric - but then planted him with a DDT and left him laying flat on his back in the ring for the Cult to pick up a win!

Jamie Holmes d. Ronnie Rage
The two former Team Honcho teammates took it to one another brutal and unwavering.  Ronnie's reservations about fighting a man he considered a brother may have been the deciding factor, as the increasingly unstable Jamie Holmes came out on top again.  Just like last month, he whipped out a Nightmare Ted Allen mask and placed it on the head of his fallen opponent and proceeded to beat him, calling him Ted the whole time.

Envy d. P-Cilla
In a match that had the attention of all in attendance - especially those receiving unwarranted (and g-rated) lapdances, Envy came up on top with a quick rollup and her feet on the ropes.

Leatherface d. Flatline
Due to personal circumstances, Bigbank Barfield was unable to attend - leaving the spot open for Flatline to take control.  This was a hardfought matchup with two of the biggest and potentially meanest wrestlers on the SCW roster.  Words can't describe, so click the match and see for yourself!