SCW: Vendetta
June 21, 2008

SCW Heavyweight Championship
Leatherface VS Terry Lawler VS T.A. Stanton
The main event of the evening was sanctioned by Comissioner Hughes earlier in the night, as retribution for T.A. Stanton's interference in the Heavyweight Championship match from last month between Terry Lawler and Leatherface.  A tooth-and-nail battle saw all three men gunning for victory, and all three men come very close to attaining it.  In the end, it was Leatherface with a pair of crippling chokeslams and a pinfall win over Stanton.  But it wasn't over then.  As the SCW Champion made his exit, Stanton went to work on Terry Lawler's already weakened knee.  With a couple of chairshots and even using his own Georgia Heritage Championship as a weapon, Stanton left Lawler unable to stand on his own accord.  More details regarding his condition will be posted as it is made available.


Stryknyn VS Matt "Sex" Sells
An outstanding contest of speed, agility, and technical prowess saw these two up and coming Georgia stars working thier magic in the hopes of a future Georgia Heritage Championship shot!  In the near twenty minute contest, neither man could maintain a clear advantage.  In the end, it was a bloodied Stryknyn with the Zug Island Disaster for a pinfall victory.

DeMarco Knight VS Black Spyder
With the mysterious Black Spyder stalking him from the ring, Knight made his entrance to an impressive crowd response despite his recent change in attitude.  In short order, the two men showed that not only were these grapplers a pair of powerhouses but they also could wrestle a solid technical matchup.  As they traded hold for hold, it became clear that Knight's attitude adjustment brought out a much cleaner and technical minded wrestler.  The Spyder held his own throughout the matchup, however, and refused to be put down.  Newcomer Acid made his presence known as well, apparently seeking vengence for DeMarco's earlier interference, but was cut off by Greg Haze.  They brawled on the outside, but eventually made thier way into the ring and the referee was forced to call for the bell and a double disqualification. 

Midnight Rider  VS  Derrick Andrew Reynolds
The debut of Derrick Andrew Reynolds was met with nothing but disdain for SCW's fans and an ego that was almost tangible.  However, The Midnight Rider was quick to shut his arrogance down.  A solid exhibition of wrestling on the part of D.A.R. kept Rider on his toes, but in the end it was Midnight Rider with a huge samoan drop and the pinfall victory.

Brandon Kage VS  Scotty Carmichael
Last month we saw the debut of Brandon Kage, and this month we were introduced to his trainer - a returning Scotty Carmichael!  Carmichael was none too pleased with his student's display last month, nor was he happy that Kage had the audacity to work Southern Classic Wrestling in the first place without Carmichael's expressed permission.  He followed him here to prove a point to his pupil - you follow directions or you pay the consequences.  A fast-paced matchup of experience versus desire saw Carmichael wrenching Kage into submission via an elevated boston crab.

Greg Haze VS Acid
Acid made his debut against the rookie Greg Haze, who has been under the tutilage of DeMarco Knight, and quickly let it be known that he has no respect for SCW's rulebook, fans, referees, or roster.  Taking every chance to lie and cheat his way to a victory, it was DeMarco Knight planting a big superkick to his face that finally shut him up and gave his protoge Greg Haze a victory in an 8 minute opening contest.